Leading the way in green energy technology development

Xtrudx Technologies, Inc. (“Xtrudx”) is an emerging green energy technology development company founded on the belief that “supercritical hydrolysis” will be the transformational key that enables the rapid and economical conversion of abundant biomass and waste plastics into higher value chemical commodity products – including liquid transportation fuels.  Based on research and development, Xtrudx’s engineering team has recently constructed a novel, superfast, green energy technology platform (namely, a prototype demonstration-scale continuous-flow supercritical hydrolysis depolymerization machine) that is capable of harnessing the remarkable properties of supercritical water (SCW) in a tightly controlled manner to achieve near instantaneous biomass/waste plastic liquefaction with near zero char formation.

Xtrudx’s patent-protected superfast supercritical hydrolysis approach represents a significant technological advancement over conventional enzymatic and pyrolytic biomass/waste plastics solid-to-liquid conversion schemes.