Xtrudx’s novel green energy approach is built around a specialized extruder configured to continuously feed raw biomass and/or waste plastic materials into a highly novel high-energy “spear and tube” reactor.  Xtrudx’s specialized extruder first shreds and compresses the selected feedstock material.  The extruder then conveys the comminuted feedstock (at high temperature and pressure) into a central reaction zone (of controllable volume) positioned before the tip portion of the spear (within the high-energy spear and tube reactor).  Within the reaction zone, the centrally conveyed feedstock material is forcefully projected through a radially introduced shroud of highly energized water – highly energized water in a plasma-like form known as “supercritical water” (SCW).  The free flowing thermal energy contained within the supercritical water (SCW) is able to rapidly rupture some of the chemical bonds (backbone) of the giant polymer molecules (of the selected solid biomass/waste plastic feedstock material).  The ruptured polymer bonds are immediately stabilized by capturing available hydrogen atoms liberated from the surrounding high-energy water medium (thereby avoiding unwanted char formation).  By controlling the linear displacement of the spear within the tube, the volume of the reaction zone can be readily adjusted (which means that the residence time of the feedstock material within the reaction zone is highly tunable).

In this way, Xtrudx’s novel supercritical hydrolysis technology is able to transform a wide variety of solid biomass/waste plastic feedstocks into liquid mixtures (in near quantitative yields) of valuable char-free polymer fragments (sugars and/or oils) within mere seconds,  The liquid mixture of polymer fragments is then allowed to gravity separate for further processing as shown here.